What will that upgrade impact?

Sure, we really like to have that shiny, latest and greatest whoziwhatzit as much as the next guy.  But, sometimes upgrading to the latest and greatest is not the best idea.  A recent, real example is the release of Internet Explorer 9. 

We’ve been getting calls and e-mails daily regarding ACT! “issues”.  After a few diagnosing questions, we find that the user upgraded their Internet Explorer.  Well, why not?  Microsoft flashed that little notice that it’s out, may as well, right?  Maybe not.  Have you considered what programs you use currently that may not be compatible?  I know when I upgraded to IE8 I wasn’t able to access my bank’s web site for a few weeks. That was fun.  Currently, there is no compatibility between ACT! Prem for Web and IE9.  What does that mean?  Our customers are either uninstalling IE9 and reverting back to IE8, or using Firefox.  That is some time and frustration that could have been saved. 

Our best word of advice, before you upgrade anything – your version of Office, your Windows edition, SQL Updates or yes, even something as seemingly small as IE, make sure you know what you rely on and how the upgrade will affect those applications.   Still have questions about compatibility?  E-mail us at support@trilogycrm.com.

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