Trilogy’s CRM Consulting Expertise

Our Consulting Process

Once you take that leap into ACT!, is your system actually built for your business?  Often times companies come to us looking for training, when it’s not that their team doesn’t know how to use ACT!, it’s more that their database doesn’t match their process.  We can help bring it all into focus.

There is so much more to an ACT! project than just buying the software. Which version of ACT! is right for your team – sync, web or dual access. Do you need customization and installation? Wouldn’t it also help to track where your Sales Reps leads come from, what stages they are in, and easily be able to and make sure you can quickly pull up your Holiday list? You need an expert partner that knows business, that knows the software and can craft a solution that meets your needs. How do you build a database to do all of those things? Well, you partner with Trilogy.

We can get you to a better CRM place; one Where people, process and software come together. ™