ACT! Mail Merge Made Classy

How many e-mails do you get in a day?  How many do you just highlight and delete?  I know I’m tired of reading that J. Crew’s sale is ending tomorrow.  I simply no longer believe them.  I just know that there will always be a sale, and its ending.  Click.  Delete. We’ve become desensitized to marketing e-mails.  No matter how eye-catching the images, intriguing the topic or engaging the content, you should know that there’s a high likelihood your e-mails aren’t being read.  So how else can you make sure you keep in front of your customers?

A customer caught my attention, and impressed me with this classic practice.  They send notes.  Not the little folded up kind you passed in middle school, but classy, custom printed note cards with their company logo printed on the front.  I had a proud ACT! CC moment when they showed me they created an ACT! Template to print the card, right out of ACT!.

They started by making sure they picked a card that was sizable.  When it comes to mail, size matters.  You probably don’t want a teeny weeny little thank you card picked up at Target.  This customer had a nice card stock, about 5×7 when folded.  They did go to the expense of having the cards custom printed with their logo on the front.  The thought is that, they don’t want the card getting lost in the mail shuffle.  Then, and they did this all on their own, they created a Template in ACT!. 

Our customer proudly showed me how they user the calendar as their launching point.  At the end of the week, they filter their Calendar on just Meetings.

Then, they perform a Lookup from their calendar.   

The result is everyone with whom they had a Meeting that week.  They then perform a Mail Merge to that Lookup.

They load up their printer with the snazzy note cards, print, and then hand sign.  They even have a History of what they sent and when.

The personal touch is evident and the feedback has been positive.  They automated a very personal, classic touch.  Think about it, how are you using your database to add a personal touch to your customer process?

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