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I do too have enough disk space!

You receive the e-mail from your ACT! admin, your ACT! CC, or your hosting provider (hopefully TrilogyCRM!) and you follow the instructions to apply your Service Pack.  The file starts to unpack and. . . “There is not enough space on drive C:\ to extract this package”.  What?  You know you have about 14TB open.  This is […]

ACT! 2013 Sync Failed

Sage recently released Service Pack 1 for Sage ACT! 2013.  If your database administrator is on top fo the releases, it’s likely that SP1 was installed at the server level, and now you need to apply it to your local copy.  If you are the database admin, you might get a few calls about your […]

Hosting also offers peace-of-mind

There are so many reasons the term “cloud-based” is in just about every tech conversation these days. Retirement of servers, desktop support, standardization – they are all viable reasons. The definition of cloud-based varies as well. The key to any of the definitions is out-sourcing. Getting something off your plate and letting someone else handle […]

It’s that time of year. . .

Don’t panic, it’s not quite time to start Holiday shopping. It is just about time for a new version of ACT! to hit the virtual shelves. Sage ACT! 2013 is slated for a September release, in standing with Sage’s annual release cycle for the ACT! product. This release is focused on the business needs of […]

Sage ACT! 2011 Sync Error

This one goes out to our Sage ACT! 2011 hosting customers. Sage recently released Sage ACT! 2011 SP1 Hot Fix 6. This release does contain schema changes, and if your remote database is not on the same version as your main database, you will not be able to synchronize. Simply put, since our Sage ACT! […]

I want a button for that!

We’ve shown you how to add a couple cool buttons to your Sage ACT! Toolbar in previous posts – the Sync Now & Refresh buttons.  What if you have a document you are constantly creating – a proposal maybe.  For me, it’s our ACT! Hosting Agreement.  Clicking Write, then Other Documents, finding the custom Template, well with all […]

If it doesn’t fit

One of the hardest things when selling is realizing when a sale doesn’t fit.  It takes a lot to gracefully walk away.  Or, harder still, knowing the right solution isn’t in your stable and then pointing the customer in the right direction.  Because one of our biggest products is actually our service, this is something […]

Help! IE 9 installed and ACT! won’t work

For the last couple of weeks, about one out of every five e-mails we receive are ACT! Premium for Web issues caused by Internet Explorer 9.    Things like, “all of a sudden, I can’t get to my database”  or APFW users are getting the “cannot display the page” nasty-grams from Internet Explorer.  What a lot of users […]

New fangled sales technique?

I spend a lot of time reading, watching and soaking up information about sales and marketing.  The marketing side being my “past life” and something I’m still very interested in, and sales being my thing.  It’s what I love and a talent I constantly hone.  I like to joke that I wish God gave me […]

Your Virtual Assistant – ACT!

Most sales gurus will tell you that staying in touch is one of the most important things we can do as good sales people.  Some go so far as to prescribe a minimum number of touch points you should make.  I’d like to think I know a thing or two about selling.  I’ve been selling […]