Sage ACT! Premium Mobile

You’ve asked us about it for years. We can finally say yes, you can access your ACT! database via your slick mobile devices! You are out and about selling, taking care of your customers and your iPad is much lighter than your laptop. Your smartphone is always in your pocket. You simply need access to your database from those gadgets while you aren’t in the office. Sage recently introduced Sage ACT! Premium Mobile, or APM, which allows you to travel light and stay connected by accessing your Sage ACT! Contacts and Calendar details from your iPhone®, iPad® or Android™ device.

The new HTML5 compatible browser enables you to connect direclty to your database. So, you are live in the main database. It does require that you have an internet connection, either via WiFi or cell connection. It takes away any need to sync. There are no third party applications to license. It’s just part of your Sage ACT! Premium 2012. And, it’s included in our TrilogyCRM hosting. So, while you are out of the office, you can stay productive. For instance, you get and e-mail on your smart phone. The customer really needs a call back quickly. And yes, we use this! You pull up your browser on your phone, go to your live ACT! database, lookup the Contact via ACT! Premium Mobile, dial right from the interface and then enter the History of the call. The interface is a familiar one, with nuances of what you’ve come to expect of ACT!’s navigation melded with what we are all familiar with on our smart phones and tablets.

Key Features:

  • Travel light and stay connected with real-time, mobile access to your Sage ACT! Premium contact and calendar details from your iPhone®, iPad® or Android™ device.
  • Boost your effectiveness in the field with the ability to view, add, and edit Sage ACT! contact details, notes, history, meetings, and activities.
  • Conduct a global search on any text field, even attachments, to find precisely what you need, when you need it—fast.
  • Improve productivity with a clean interface that features single-click efficiency and follows familiar Sage ACT! functionality like capturing conversation notes after a call, and immediately adding to history in the database.
  • Easily configure and personalize contact layout settings to match your work style.
  • Keep everyone in your collective virtual office up-to-date and on the same page since workgroups have secured, shared access to the most recent Sage ACT! details.
  • Get the most out of using Sage ACT! Premium, because Sage ACT! Premium Mobile is included with your purchase!

If you’ve been looking for a reason to upgrade, APM truly adds productivity and connectivity ACT! customers have been looking for. ACT! Premium Mobile provides ACT! functionality you’re accustomed to, with easy access and real-time updates. Give us a call at 866-221-0276 or e-mail to upgrade or talk more about upgrading to Sage ACT! 2012 and the new Sage ACT! Premium mobile.