SyncHasFailedErrorSynchronization has Failed. Now what?

There are two possible solutions to this error:

1. If you click Synchronize Now and immediately receive the error message, e-mail the Trilogy support team at

2. If you click Synchronize Now and the synchronization status window appears, goes through the process and then you get the error message “Synchronization has failed.”, follow the steps below.

How to find and remove an image from your history SyncFailed

If an image in your History is the issue, you’ll receive the error message “synchronization has failed.” about 3/4 of the way through the sync.  The culprit is an image embedded in your history somewhere.  This causes the sync to fail.  Behind the scenes, the image is actually turned into code (think bits and bytes) and is stored in the database.  A logo in a signature, for instance, would create about 150MB of data that needs to be transferred.  Just for that little logo!  The issue can also crop up when someone sends you a screenshot in an email and you copy/paste that email into the act! History or Notes.  That screenshot could be up to 500MB in data that needs to sync.  This creates a timeout situation with the server and the connection is dropped.

How do you find the items that are causing you so much grief?

  1. The first step is to try to synchronize again.  Look at the bottom of the sync status window at the line that says “Your database is up dated through XX/XX/XXXX”.  Write this date down.  You’ll need it later! (You can close the sync window now.)
  2. Go to the Contact view.
  3. Click Lookup, then choose Contact Activity.
  4. LookupActivityCheck the date you jotted down in step 1.   The history in question must have been added on that day or sometime after.  Click the radio button next to to Changed.
  5. Select the date you noted in Step 1 by clicking the drop down next to “Since Date” 
  6. Uncheck all of the “Search In” options except Histories & click OK

    You’ll see a Lookup of the Contacts with Histories added since your last successful sync.  Now comes the fun part, by fun we mean tedious, but necessary.

  7. Start at the top of the list, making sure you are in the Contact Detail view.
  8. Click on the History tab
  9. Look at the last few histories for each Contact in the list.  Somewhere in that list you are going to find a History item added on XX/XX/XXXX date that looks something like the image below:


  1. DeleteImageHistoryDouble Click the History item to edit the details.
  2. Right click the image & choose delete.

If copying & pasting into History is something you do, or have done, often since the last successful sync, we recommend continuing to scan for images in the remaining Contact History.  Try to synchronize again.   If you continue to get the same error – that means there are more images in your act! History or potentially in Notes.

This error message is frustrating, but one that is pretty easy to fix.  If you continue to run into issues, please open a support incident with your tech support team by e-mailing