Upgrading to ACT! v17 Service Pack 2

Act! v17 is better than ever! Act! v17.2 offers all-new Act! emarketing enhancements, productivity improvements, and streamlined configuration.  Upgrading to ACT! v17.2 has never been easier.

Key Highlights of Act! v17.2

  • Act! emarketing improvements include a refreshed dashboard in Act! to help guide you on what to do next, improved template organization for more efficient email campaign sending, and additional reporting tools to help you have more visibility into your email success.
  • Do more, faster with new global scheduling preferences, enhanced keyword filtering for Notes and Activities, and easily-accessible find/replace commands for Lookup fields.
  • Stay compatible with the latest enhancements to popular business tools like Google Chrome.
  • Make Act! work for you with a more personalized experience including Act! notifications customizable big buttons, and default History options – now available for Windows and Web!

Click here for a full list of features and functionality added in Act! v17.2 and check out these videos to see the new features in action.

Existing Act! v17 customers can download this update in our Download Center.

Step 1 – Download ACT! v17.2 Update

Browse to http://www.act.com/resources/downloads/act-premium-v17 and download the ACT!v17.2 update file as indicated below.UpgradeACT172_Step1

Depending on the browser you are using to access the download page – you may be prompted to Run or Save the file.  If prompted, choose Run.


Step 2 – Running the Upgrade

Running the upgrade is pretty simple if you follow the default prompts.  If prompted to install the Microsoft Visual C ++ package – click Install.

Click Next to install the ACT!v17.2 update.


If you didn’t completely shut down your running programs – you will receive a prompt to close the applications.  Close ALL open applications (Word, Excel, Outlook, Internet Explorer, Chrome, etc.) and then click Next.


Click Accept to accept the License Agreement.


If you have the ACT! Scheduler installed or configured – ACT! will need to shut down the scheduler service.  Click Yes to continue the install.


ACT! will start updating the files indicated by the window at the bottom of your screen.


Click Finish to complete the installation.


Step 3 – Updating Your Database

The first time you launch ACT! after the update you will be prompted to update your database.  The first prompt gives you the option to backup your local database before the update.  Depending on the size of your database a local backup may take some time.  If you are a remote user and synchronize, your database is backed up as of the most recent synchronization.  If you sync, you can click No.

**If you need additional instructions on backing up ACT! see the Quick Tip here: http://famous-loaf.flywheelsites.com/backing-act/


Click OK to update the database.


The updating window will be displayed.


Click OK when prompted.


Congratulations! You’ve updated to ACT!v17.2

To check your install version, go to Help – About ACT! from the file menu at the top of the window.  Verify that your install displays ACT! Premium Version Hot Fix 2