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ACT! on the Surface Pro 3

Ya know how we know that the Microsoft Surface Pro 3 is a hot new device?  Because we get support calls about getting act! to work on it just about daily.  So we picked one up just to play a bit, and grab a few screen shots to help you Surface Pro 3 users get […]

The ACT! Scheduler

The ACT! Scheduler – Scheduled Sync ACT! has included a handy little application called the ACT! Scheduler for quite a while now.  It gets installed automatically and is rarely used.  Up until the most recent versions, TrilogyCRM has not recommended using the ACT! Scheduler for your synchronization tasks.  Mainly because the scheduler did not notify […]

ACT!V16 Service Pack 1

We’re announcing ACT!v16 Service Pack 1 (Hotfix 1) has been certified for TrilogyCRM hosting customers!  What does this mean for you?  We’ll if you are using ACT!v16 and hosting with TrilogyCRM – you will be required to run this update. This Service Pack does contain a schema update.  That means: Be sure you are an […]

Backing up ACT!

The following steps will assist you in creating a backup of your ACT! database. These instructions are provided to assist you in preparing your database to be uploaded to the TrilogyCRM ACT! Hosting  Server.  Please note that Act! has security features which apply to backup functions. Only Administrator and Manager level users have access to the database backup and restore functions. If you are […]

Registering ACT!

The first time that you launch ACT!, you will be asked to register ACT! and then activate the software. Please use the following steps to register the program: Launch ACT! and go to the Help menu then select Register ACT!.  The ACT! Premium Registration and Activation Wizard – Welcome dialog box appear If you are using the trial version, enable the I want to […]

Sage ACT! Premium Mobile

You’ve asked us about it for years. We can finally say yes, you can access your ACT! database via your slick mobile devices! You are out and about selling, taking care of your customers and your iPad is much lighter than your laptop. Your smartphone is always in your pocket. You simply need access to […]

ACT! and Quickbooks

From time to time, we receive requests to add fields into ACT! that really should be tracked in an accounting system.  We always explain that ACT! is for your sales and contact management, and Quickbooks, Peachtree, or any other accounting package should be used to track receivables or COGS.  Generally speaking, each program serves a very specific purpose – […]

Trilogy Awarded Top Performer Award from Sage Software

We found out today that TrilogyCRM was awarded the Top Performer Award for our Region, for the Fiscal Half  of 2011. Sage Software presents these awards to the top performing ACT! Certified Consulting firms on the half and full year. We have a talented team, that works so well together.  Recognition like this Top Performer award help […]