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Admittedly we are not the best at the “up sell” or diligent about tacking on ACT! add-ons.  We’d love to pretend it’s because we are keeping it “organic” and believe that ACT! can do everything.  Really, it’s because there are so many add-ons it’s hard to keep up.  We don’t like to sell things that we aren’t sure work.  All the more reason that when we find an add-on that does work; we’d like to tell you about it.  Company Wizard by Patricia Egen Consulting is one of those. 

An entire post could be devoted to Companies and account management. (now noted as a possible topic for future post.)  Long topic short, we all talk to people – or in the ACT! terms -Contacts.  Those Contacts work for Companies.  Let’s pretend I enter a bunch of Contacts, and want to create Companies or Accounts to tie the Contacts together.  I have to create the Company, add the Contacts to the Company.  I could define a Dynamic membership criteria, a step that will help me save time later, but another step.  Since I am lazy, I mean brilliant, I’d like something to do all of this for me! 

If you manage Companies, spend the money and buy Company Wizard.  It is $49/user and can be found, along with Egen’s other add-ons, here –   You can always give us a call or drop us an e-mail at and we can order it.  The best thing is. . . it works!  It does exactly what it says it will. 

Once you install the slick little add-on, go to your Contact List View.  Tag the records for processing.  (Detailed instructions are included with your download.  Read them to make sure you get what you expect).  Click the Tools menu option, then Company Wizard.  It’s obviously simple.  Choose your options, and then let Company Wizard do its thing.  

Company Wizard by Patricia Egen Consulting, LLC

Company Wizard scans through the Company field on your Contacts.   With three clicks, all the Companies I need are created.  The Contacts are linked to their Companies.  If there were any Contact not related to Companies that should be, they are linked.   It’s truly that simple.  Don’t tell Pat Egen this, but it would still be a great add-on at twice its price.

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