Quick Tip – Add Sync Now Button To The Toolbar

The majority of our users are remote database users, or sync users. For those that don’t know, a sync user has ACT! installed on their computer, with a remote database and they synchronize changes to and from the main database. For any ACT! user, the fewer clicks to accomplish a task the better. Adding the sync and refresh buttons to the Toolbar eliminate clicking through menus completely, and give you single click access.

To add the buttons:

  1. Right click your Toolbar
  2. Click Customize
  3. Click the Commands Tab
  4. Under Categories, click Tools
  5. Click and drag Synchronize Now up to the Menu bar
  6. Drop the button where you’d like on your toolbar
  7. Under Categories, click View
  8. Click and drag Refresh to the Toolbar

Now you have Sync and Refresh in simply, easy access buttons. Of course, you can add any buttons you like, to make whatever Tasks you do often even easier.