Unsolicited Praises

Sometimes, when you are in the customer service business, your hard work and effort to make and keep the customer happy go un-noticed.  Then there are the times, from out of the blue, when we receive a glowing recommendation.  Those completely unsolicited praises are the ones that truly mean the world to us!

This e-mail is from a current TrilogyCRM client to a prospect.  The prospect contacted our customer to find out about their experience working with Trilogy. This email made most of us blush, and reminded us our jobs are worth it.

Hi Jack,We started using Trilogy approximately 8 months ago. We have been using ACT! for 2+ years and I am extremely pleased with Trilogy for the following reasons:

– Customization: We are a third party logistics company that specializes in providing customized solutions. Therefore, we needed ACT! to be altered to fit our different services and solutions. Trilogy was able to meet all of our needs.

– Level of Expertise: Throughout the customization process, we had a vision of what we wanted. Trilogy knows ACT! inside and out, and provided suggestions that we didn’t think of. They have the foresight to know what is the best solution for what you want.

– Responsiveness: Part of my duties as Marketing Manager is to help our Sales force download, manage, and upload. They had many questions throughout the process and was able to rely on the customer support Trilogy provides. There were extremely responsive – every time the reply was less than an hour! They also have live customer support via their website/ live chat which provides immediate assistance.

– Customer Service: Overall, they have the mentality that the customer is the boss. They have excellent customer service and do whatever it takes to keep you satisfied with their service.

The challenges we have faced with ACT! have been met head on with Trilogy quickly responding with assistance or suggestions. I highly recommend them.

If you have any additional questions, please don’t hesitate to call me.

Jaime McLiverty | Manager; Marketing | Unyson Logistics – A Hub Group Company