Copy a Contact

Have you ever needed to send the contact details of a record in ACT! via e-mail, but really don’t want to send a full vCard?  We may get a lead, for example, and want to keep our Inside Sales rep in the loop.  Rather than risk a finger strain and typing all of that information into an e-mail, you can just copy it from the record.  Read more

An Easy way to Lookup

There are so many little gems in ACT! that even we think they are amazing when we find them.  This is one a customer showed me a few years back.  I use this constantly, and it’s one of the tidbits users love when we share. 

Did you know you can right click in any field and do a Lookup? So let’s say I want to find all of my Prospects. 

  1.  Right click in ID/Status (or any ol’ field)
  2. Click Lookup ID/Status

If you need to do a Lookup quickly, it’s a great trick.

How we ACT! – Don’t just jot it down

Sometimes, things that you do become so engrained in your work habit you don’t even think about them.  There are a few we thought might be helpful to our users.  We figured we’d share some of those from time to time in “How we ACT!”. 

I admit that, for a while, some of the automation built into the latest version of Sage ACT! 2011 was lost on me.  I’ve been an ACT! user since version 2.0, way back when it was still on floppy disks, and in a bright yellow box.  Since I’ve been using ACT! basically since dinosaurs roamed earth, I have certain ways I’m used to doing things.  Only in the latest versions has ACT! tied into Outlook so well.  I’ve grown to love, and actually use, some of the new features.  I’m one to give credit where and when due, and this one is something you may want to start using.  I feel like it’s increased my productivity, not quite as much as my dual monitors, but that is a whole other topic.  Still, this one is pretty good. Read more

Is your anti-virus the culprit?

As an ACT! Certified Consultant, you become thick skinned to the comment, “ACT! has really slowed down my machine.”  Or, “Since I loaded ACT!. . . “.  In most cases, it’s someone else in the sandbox, like your anti-virus software, picking on ACT!, poor little thing!  Read more

QuickTip – Speeding up ACT!

One of the most common question we receive is, how can I speed up my ACT!?  Here is a QuickTip that should help squeeze a bit more horse power out of your ACT! software.  Check out this Knowledge Base article (or KB article to us cool kids) –

I just got my new Mac and I need to install ACT!

You opened the matte-finished, white apple box to see that beautiful aluminum laptop with the glassy glowing apple logo.  Congratulations, you have your first Mac.  Isn’t it pretty?  If you are coming from the world of Windows there is a quick learning curve, but it’s well worth the effort.  We get a lot of calls asking, “Now that I have my Mac setup, how do I get ACT! on it?”  Short answer is you can’t, well… sort of. Read more

ACT! Mail Merge Made Classy

How many e-mails do you get in a day?  How many do you just highlight and delete?  I know I’m tired of reading that J. Crew’s sale is ending tomorrow.  I simply no longer believe them.  I just know that there will always be a sale, and its ending.  Click.  Delete. We’ve become desensitized to marketing e-mails.  No matter how eye-catching the images, intriguing the topic or engaging the content, you should know that there’s a high likelihood your e-mails aren’t being read.  So how else can you make sure you keep in front of your customers? Read more