I want a button for that!

We’ve shown you how to add a couple cool buttons to your Sage ACT! Toolbar in previous posts – the Sync Now & Refresh buttons.  What if you have a document you are constantly creating – a proposal maybe.  For me, it’s our ACT! Hosting Agreement.  Clicking Write, then Other Documents, finding the custom Template, well with all those clicks, you’re just asking for a mouse finger sprain!  You can create a custom toolbar button and generate that Template with one click!  Read more

If it doesn’t fit

One of the hardest things when selling is realizing when a sale doesn’t fit.  It takes a lot to gracefully walk away.  Or, harder still, knowing the right solution isn’t in your stable and then pointing the customer in the right direction.  Because one of our biggest products is actually our service, this is something we’ve learned over the years.  There are a lot of choices, and this probably hits home with anyone that sells.  We can’t be the perfect fit for everyone.  ACT! or ACT! hosting, and the services we offer aren’t what everyone needs.  And as hard as we try, we certainly can’t make everyone happy.  Read more

Help! IE 9 installed and ACT! won’t work

For the last couple of weeks, about one out of every five e-mails we receive are ACT! Premium for Web issues caused by Internet Explorer 9.    Things like, “all of a sudden, I can’t get to my database”  or APFW users are getting the “cannot display the page” nasty-grams from Internet Explorer.  What a lot of users don’t understand is that Microsoft pushes updates to your machine, depending on your Windows Update settings, sometimes without you even realizing.  The best medicine here, per the old adage, is prevention.  One of our earlier posts touched on this also -http://famous-loaf.flywheelsites.com/2011/04/what-will-that-upgrade-impact/.  We try to ensure our customers are in the know, but you have things to do, businesses to run, sales to close, and we know computer things happen.  Read more

Export to Excel – Better than a Report

If you keep up, you’ll notice we love pointing out things that ACT! users don’t necessarily notice.  We get it, there are a lot of pretty buttons.  So many to click on, too many to know them all.  Well, we’ve tasked ourselves with keeping you in the know regarding the ones that can make your life easier. 

Fairly often, customers ask things like can they can print a report of all of their sales reps top accounts in their territory.  Or, they might want to see a report of all of their customers that came from a particular referral source.  First thought, as an ACT! CC, do you really want a report?  A report is typically something canned, and is typically in a stagnant format.  Then, do you really want to print it?  Most of the time, it’s not a report the customer is looking for.  It’s a list they want.  And, what they want in or on that list is a moving target.  That’s why we love the Export to Excel feature.  It’s been there for a few versions, but it’s one of those, “show me that again” features we love to show off in demos and trainings.  Simple and effective.  Read more

Unsolicited Praises

Sometimes, when you are in the customer service business, your hard work and effort to make and keep the customer happy go un-noticed.  Then there are the times, from out of the blue, when we receive a glowing recommendation.  Those completely unsolicited praises are the ones that truly mean the world to us!

This e-mail is from a current TrilogyCRM client to a prospect.  The prospect contacted our customer to find out about their experience working with Trilogy. This email made most of us blush, and reminded us our jobs are worth it.

Hi Jack,We started using Trilogy approximately 8 months ago. We have been using ACT! for 2+ years and I am extremely pleased with Trilogy for the following reasons:

– Customization: We are a third party logistics company that specializes in providing customized solutions. Therefore, we needed ACT! to be altered to fit our different services and solutions. Trilogy was able to meet all of our needs.

– Level of Expertise: Throughout the customization process, we had a vision of what we wanted. Trilogy knows ACT! inside and out, and provided suggestions that we didn’t think of. They have the foresight to know what is the best solution for what you want.

– Responsiveness: Part of my duties as Marketing Manager is to help our Sales force download, manage, and upload. They had many questions throughout the process and was able to rely on the customer support Trilogy provides. There were extremely responsive – every time the reply was less than an hour! They also have live customer support via their website/ live chat which provides immediate assistance.

– Customer Service: Overall, they have the mentality that the customer is the boss. They have excellent customer service and do whatever it takes to keep you satisfied with their service.

The challenges we have faced with ACT! have been met head on with Trilogy quickly responding with assistance or suggestions. I highly recommend them.

If you have any additional questions, please don’t hesitate to call me.

Jaime McLiverty | Manager; Marketing | Unyson Logistics – A Hub Group Company

An Easy way to Lookup

There are so many little gems in ACT! that even we think they are amazing when we find them.  This is one a customer showed me a few years back.  I use this constantly, and it’s one of the tidbits users love when we share. 

Did you know you can right click in any field and do a Lookup? So let’s say I want to find all of my Prospects. 

  1.  Right click in ID/Status (or any ol’ field)
  2. Click Lookup ID/Status

If you need to do a Lookup quickly, it’s a great trick.

Who have I touched?

A lot of my day is spent on the phone, talking to new people.  What a perfect fit for me, since I’m so good at talking and I generally love people, especially new ones!  Anyway, I do know my ACT! “stuff”, but as many professionals, it’s easy to let slip the practice of which I preach.  When I talk to someone new, I enter them in my ACT! database.  I fill in all my custom fields and important data.  Then, I record the History of my call, and schedule my Follow up.  Well, most of the time I schedule my follow up.  Sometimes the phone rings.  Yay, someone new to talk to!  I may have meant to schedule that follow up, but the moment is gone, and I’ve moved on.  Read more